How to reach the opportunity-driven consumer

I wrote a post for the MyLifeProtected blog centered on the opportunity-driven insurance consumer and how we use marketing and technology to reach that consumer with the digital insurance platform, MyLifeProtected:

The intent-driven consumer describes the traditional, legacy insurance consumer, one that has been served well for generations by traditional agents and direct writers. Conversely, the opportunity-driven consumer is a new breed, one that is less likely to be served by the traditional agent or direct writer. Those consumers may not be driven by a specific risk management need, but instead are driven by relevancy or overarching value.

So, on one side, we have the rise of the opportunity-driven consumer. On another, we have a second trend uncovered by Accenture in 2014, stating that 67% of consumers would happily buy insurance from a non-insurance brand.

The intersection of these two trends is powerful. When combined, it creates a persona that could describe millions of Americans: the consumer who is open to buying insurance when it’s offered at a relevant time by a brand it already trusts and has a relationship with.

We built MyLifeProtected because of this intersection.

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